What hamachi looks like

How to make a LogMeIn Hamachi server for the game terraria this will be a step by step guide to downloading hamachi and setting up a server for terraria.

Firstly you will need to go to and create a account then download logmein hamachi once its finished downloading open it up then follow these steps correctly.

1. Click network then click create a new existing network then a tab will pop up and it will say add ID and Password put the id you want and the password you want so the person you want to join will be able to get on your hamachi

2. Open up 2 instances of terraria (2 clients of terraria or games of terraria if you do not know what instances and client means.) then click on multiplayer and click start a server once clicked make a new world or use a world you want just click it then put a password if you want one. (highly recomended if you want the server to be private.)

3. Once the world has been fully loaded just go on your second client of terraria and type your Hamachi IP in the bar where it says to add the ip address. (The hamachi ip can be located right next to the ON button.) then just log on and if you put a password in type the password.

Heres a video demonstration

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